Watching TV has never been better...

...and it's never been more work nor more confusing!


Why Has TV Become So Difficult?

We now have dozens of video services offering thousands of shows to watch. And we are watching more than ever before. But…

So Many Choices

With hundreds of services providing thousands of shows, how does a person keep up? We love having all these choices, but it's a bit overwhelming.

Video Service Confusion

Today, subscription deals and pricing are all over the map. It is nearly impossible to keep up with where your favorite shows and movies are available for viewing, and remembering which devices support which service is not only daunting... it's contantly changing! And, it can get doggone expensive!

Lack of Community

Whatever happend to the water cooler? People who crave quality television have always depended on their friends and family to discover new and exciting shows. While the internet has become our new watercooler, good advice is dispersed across a vast universe. And where do I go to find out about the best deals on what I love to watch?

Glidr is working hard for you, and will guide you through this maze of confusion.

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